The Benefits of Dance

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham

Early childhood and middle childhood are such precious growth stages; when children are at these stages of their development, everything in the world is wonderful and the possibilities are endless. Children at this stage are constantly riding on a magic carpet ride of imagination. Dance is an excellent way of getting your young one to tap even deeper into that well of magic and wonder. Find out what the Benefits of Dance are…


What are the Benefits of Dance for my child?

Children who are between the ages of 3-11 years have a wild and vivid imagination; they are already making up stories in their minds, and dance provides them with a medium through which they can tell those stories to the world.

If you enroll your child into a dance class, the following benefits of dance are guaranteed:


A self-esteem and confidence boost:
The first dance class is like a mountain; the first time your child sees it, he or she will think that it is too high to climb but after a few lessons, they will be a step closer to the top. Dance will give your child something to work towards achieving and once they have mastered the steps, that feeling of accomplishment is priceless; your child will have a renewed sense of self.  


They learn to follow instructions at a young age:

The great thing about a dance class is that the children are taught in steps; this is a great opportunity, and a fun way, for your child to learn how to follow instructions. Additionally, it is a great way of developing your child’s attention span.

 An opportunity to express themselves:
Dance gives your children a platform to tell stories through movement. Dance is a language that has a limitless vocabulary! Your child can find and express themselves through dance.


“Dancers are athletes of God” – Albert Einstein


If you want to add to the joys of your children’s life and development, enrol them into the Kim Field Dance Academy. Kim Field is a qualified and registered dance teacher and examiner.

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