Sending Your Children to a Private School

The Perks of Sending Your Children to a Private School in Johannesburg

The South African education system may not be the best in the world, but it certainly isn’t the worst. We have a wide spectrum of public schools, as well as international and private schools. All of these schools offer something different; some are co-ed while others are single-gender, and some schools offer boarding as an alternative to a day school.

Some schools in Johannesburg are even faith-based.  All of the above mentioned  types of schools have their own reputations, some with an excellent track record and some with an average record. Every type of school has its own set of benefits.  We  are about to take a closer look at the perks of sending your children to a private school here in Johannesburg.

Let’s say you have recently relocated to this beautiful country, South Africa.The second most important thing after the safety of your family is probably finding a reputable school for your children.

Below are three features of private schools that make them the best option for your children’s education.


The first advantage of enrolling your child in a private school is the fact they are provided with an exceptional and challenging educational experience. This is achieved through advanced courses and extramural activities that are focused specifically on your child’s strongest areas, while improving their weaker ones.

Smaller Classes


In South Africa, the standard learner-teacher ratio is 40:1 for primary schools and 35:1 for secondary schools. This indicates the uneven distribution of attention to each learner’s academic needs. In private schools, however, there are a smaller number of learners in each class. Depending on the type of school, the maximum number of learners is usually 20 per class. Reassuring you, the parent, of an optimum learning experience for your child.

Sufficient Resources & Extramural Activities

Private schools offer a wide range of resources to support learners in both the classroom, on the field and even in the pool, depending on your childs preference. They are able to source experts, latest equipment and technology, which enables the learner to fully explore their talents. The other perk of private schools is that they encourage learners to participate in extramural activities such as sports, acting, music and art, among other cultural activities.


If you are interested in enrolling your child in a reputable private school, contact us today to speak to one of friendly consultants about our school.

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