Childhood Education – Finding the balance

Kim Field Academy embraces the fundamental objectives of creating a balance for your child at a young age.  Ensure that your child has a balanced and adaptable foundation, with the best quality of Childhood Education.

There are seven domains in the early education learning environment.

Here at Kim Field Academy we incorporate these seven domains into our teaching practices:

1. Language: Young minds are quite complex since they are learning and developing every single day. Alphabetic skills, oral communication and written language are fundamental language skill sets that Kim Field integrates in everyday learning.

2. Cognitive: This is where young children are attaining cause-and-effect reasoning concepts. Connecting experiences with a representation of symbols.

3. Gross Motor Skills: Kim Field Academy caters for children from 6 months to 6 years old. These crucial years sees major developments like learning how to crawl, walk and run. Our academy firmly believes in a balance between academia and physical education.  

4. Fine Motor Skills: Precise control such as hand-eye coordination or colouring and writing skills categorises this domain.

5. Self-Help & Adaptive: Independence cannot be forcefully taught. It is a gradual process of the self children usually adapt quite quickly to self advancement.

6. Social & Emotional: Kim Field Academy has 15 children in a class. This allows for pupils to integrate with other children their own age and develop vital social skills for the future.

7. Spiritual & Moral: One of the most important aspects in today’s society is maintaining a kind and loving world. Kim Field encompasses mannerisms that pupils will apply throughout their lives.


Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education is a licensed IMPAK learning centre. The nurtured and safe environment is parallel to global trends and technological advancements within an educational capacity.

The highest calibre of education is in your hands. Enrol your child at Kim Field Academy for world class development. 

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