Training Classes

Kim Field Dance Academy present classes in all the following disciplines.

If you would like to book a class please contact Kim directly. You can also request a class schedule to see where you would best fit in.

Tap dancing

Tap is experiencing a revival. Join the fun and experience a rhythmic approach to dance. You will learn the basic steps and movements and put it all together in a simple dance routine.
Beware tap dancing is contagious!


Enjoy a fun filled challenging class that makes you fit as well as enhancing your suppleness and strength. Tune into music to guide your movements and rhythm!


Modern dance teaches the student to experiment with their own energy and the space surrounding them. Modern styles will be explored as well as movement qualities and rhythms.


Funky street is fun packed with modern jazz dance choreography! Be warned – this dance is addictive. Once you’ve got the dance bug you won’t want to stop!

Hip Hop

Do you enjoy lessons that are fun, challenging and a great way to stay fit and in shape? Then this is for you! Come and join in the fun!


There is no dance as beautiful and graceful as ballet. Join us for classical classes that strengthen the body, enhances shape and improves posture.

Spanish Dancing

The Spanish dance is one of the finest dances done today. Sometimes sprightly, and sometimes impassioned, it seems designed to display the elegances of posture and attitude. Graceful and yet expressive, Spanish dancing is for the spirited!

Kim Field Academy presentselect dancers in four groups of dancers to appear LIVE in shows on a regular basis – read more on the entertainment page.

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