High Quality Education

We Combine High Quality Education with the Development of Arts and Culture

At Kim Field Academy we have put together a programme that seamlessly combines a high quality education with the development of arts and culture. In this day and age, we understand the need to develop all aspects of a child’s talent, without sacrificing the benefits that come with quality academic education.

Not all children have the same academic strengths, with some being more talented when it comes to arts and culture.

We nurture both of these talents to ensure that children at Kim Field Academy reach their full potential.

To do this, we have created the ideal environment, which is why Kim Field Academy has been ranked as one of the premier pre-primary schools in the Sandton area.

Kim Field, a qualified teach with over 30 years of experience, ensured that the right aims and values were put in place from the very start.

The school provides a happy, loving environment where children are given a balanced education. Added to this, a stimulating programme is always followed, while affectionate and caring tutors work to help children develop their full potential.

We also encourage and build the right values, including respect, positive thinking, honesty, integrity, self-confidence and independence.

The programme in place provides a challenging and stimulating routine for all children. It incorporates meal times and rest, while also covering a range of activities. This includes perceptual activities, music, creative art work and educational programmes. Of course, this is all balanced with free play sessions so that they can create those happy memories and make friends.

Facilities at Kim Field Academy are world-class, while we are very strict on adhering to safety and health standards so that parents always have complete peace of mind when their children are in our care.

To find out more about Kim Field Academy and how we combine high quality education with the development of arts and culture, contact us today and a consultant will provide more information.

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