The BEST Private Primary School

 Why we are the BEST Private Primary School:

At Kimfield Academy Kids Pre-Primary School we strive to only offer the best Private Primary School services. The aim of our school is to provide a happy and loving environment, to provide a balanced education, to provide affectionate and caring tutors, to always provide a stimulating programme, and to allow children to develop to their full potential. We encourage and build values in children, such as Respect, Positive Thinking, Honesty and Integrity, Family Values, and many more!

The Principal of our school has been a teacher for more than 30 years; we have been featured in the local paper known as The Fourways review, and also placed on their website. We always make sure that we follow the Government School Terms, and we are only closed during the December Holidays. We provide a variety of hours of care at different prices and we can definitely accommodate the needs of most families.

Our meals are freshly cooked on a daily basis and they have been set up to ensure a balanced, healthy meal. Children are encouraged to drink water at all times; a healthy diet will enable your child to enjoy their day and concentrate on their work.

Here at Kimfield Academy your child will not only have the opportunity to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum, but will also enjoy the ability to partake in a full complement of arts.

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